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TeamBBlogs proudly announce Decor – Wallpapers HD


Get access to high quality custom wallpapers for your BlackBerry® 10 device with Decor – Wallpapers HD, powered by TMC Devs & Quen-Quen Potter.

The application provides Custom Wallpapers Packs updated regularly, online, without the need to update app.

» High quality wallpapers
» Wallpapers specially customized for all screen resolutions
» No need to update the app for future wallpaper packs
» Beautiful user interface
» ALL premium wallpaper packs unlockable via one time in-app purchase (including all future premium packs)
» Small app size because wallpapers are not stored in the app
» Available for all BlackBerry® 10 devices (OS 10.2+)

NOTE: Due to a limitation of the wallpaper-api, Decor is not able to change your lockscreen wallpaper!

– BBM™-Connected: for showing this app proudly to your BBM™ friends
– Device-Info: for anonymous app analytics secured via SSL

For more information, news about new packs and more, join TMC Devs BBM™-Channel: C00494671

Decor – Wallpapers HD is available at BlackBerry World http://bbw.pm/DecorHD

Hier findest du qualitativ hochwertige Hintergrundbilder für dein BlackBerry® 10 Gerät!

» Qualitative Hintergrundbilder
» Hintergrundbilder sind speziell für alle Geräteauflösungen angepasst
» Du brauchst die App nicht upzudaten für neue Hintergrundbilder-Pakete
» Schöne Benutzeroberfläche
» ALLE Premium-Pakete können per einmaliger In-App Zahlung freigeschaltet werden (gilt auch für zukünftige Premium Packs)
» Kleine App, da die Bilder nicht in der App gespeichert sind
» Verfügbar für alle BlackBerry® 10 Geräte (OS 10.2+)

INFO: Aufgrund einer limitierten API, kann die App nicht das Lockscreen-Hintergrundbild ändern!
– BBM™-Connected: Zeige deinen Freunden, dass du diese App besitzt!
– Device-Info: Für anonyme App-Analyse, gesichert per SSL


TeamBBlogs proudly announce Groovy by TMCdevs


Search for music, Instantly with Groovy for BlackBerry 10!!!


Millions of music, live streaming… Groovy is a app/client to stream MP3s like “Grooveshark” or other streaming services.


  • Search for MP3s and Songs
  • Listen to MP3s and Songs
  • Play MP3s with the invoked MediaPlayer Card
  • “InstantPlay”, play MP3s with the in-app player and search for the next song at the same time
  • Control music with your hardware buttons
  • Repeat Song (if playing with “InstantPlay”)
  • Shows Cover
  • Extended Device-Search Integration (search for music from the assistant)
  • Ability to remove ads with in-app purchase
  • BBM™-Connected

This app is not endorsed or certified by any streaming services. It does not host MP3 files within the app, the app only shows results and plays MP3s from a streaming service.

Available at BlackBerry World
Get it now at bbw.pm/Groovy

Big thanks to TMCdevs for allowing us to test the app since the initial concept and help on improvements on it.

Screenshots [Passport]


Screenshots [Z10]



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TeamBBlogs proudly announce TimeLine by TMCdevs


TimeLine is an application to create simple and beautiful timelines.

Choose your timeline range (year), add up to 11 events with different ranges (year/month) and colors and save (Pro Feature) it as an image!

You can also save your TimeLines and edit them later!

  • Create Beautiful TimeLines
  • Select Year-Range
  • Add up to 11 events per TimeLine
  • Select (month/year) range for single events
  • Different colors for events
  • Add/Remove events on the fly
  • Save TimeLines and edit later
  • BBM Connected
  • Export TimeLines as image (Pro)
  • Share exported image instantly (Pro)
  • Simple and Clean UI
  • Landscape support for non-square devices

Pro Feature: Unlock with one time payment of $0.99.

Simple app, but extremely usefull and productive. The app will help you creating timelines of your projects, family reunion and more.

Available at BlackBerry World
Get it now at bbw.pm/TimeLine

Big thanks to TMCdevs for allowing us to test the app since the initial concept and help on improvements on it.

Screenshots from Beta Testing

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BProfile v. Adds Box-Lock Toggle and more!!!

Copy of IMG_20150327_201942

We are pleased to announce that the next update (v1.2.1.1219) has just been submitted to BlackBerry World for approval.


  • Added Feature(Free): “Box-Lock”-Toggle (in overflow menu).
    Now you can move the textbox completely free! Re-Lock the Box to restore its position and size
  • Added Fonts(Free): “OpenSans”, “Roboto”, “Lato”, “Oswald”, “DroidSans”, “Lora”, “PTSans”, “Slabo”, “SourceSans”, “FiraSans” and “Ubuntu”
  • Added (Community)-Icon: UTBblogs.com
  • Added (Community)-Icon: BlackBerryOS.com
  • Added (Community)-Icon: NerdBerry.net
  • Added (Community)-Icon: VinaBerry.com
  • Added (Community)-Icon: BBSC-Deutschland.de
  • Added (Community)-Icon: BlackBerryPortugal.com
  • Added Price-Info to Payment Dialog

Download BProfile from BlackBerry World 


BProfile v. brings Scaled UI for BlackBerry Passport and more!

The new update of BProfile brings a whole new Scaled UI for the BlackBerry Passport and new icons (Community and Social).

Now the app looks perfect on the Passport! Say goodbye to the tiny image area \o/


Download now at bbw.pm/BProfile


BProfile - Community Passport

If you did not get your Custom PIN on BBM and wants the badge on your profile picture, than give yourself an “Exclusive Badge” with this BProfile update! Update now to v. at bbw.pm/BProfile


Have a BlackBerry Community Blog and wants your icon on BProfile?
REQUEST a spot for your Icon NOW!


BBlogs is a BlackBerry Social HUB established for the BlackBerry community worldwide.

BBlogs is designed to promote and embrace the BlackBerry brand, its products and developers by providing them with a warm home and place to collaborate, cooperate and share.

BBlogs does not intend to merge blogs into one in any way, but rather work together in order to promote BlackBerry and it’s products. We take pride at our community. Our team is comprised of passionate enthusiasts who have earned their knowledge through years of dedicated, hands-on, experience. We share stories. We embrace multiple points of view. This approach has us foster a wide community, and a extremely high level of authenticity.

The Developers Lounge is our prime product as it stands as a “Hall of Fame” of BlackBerry developers. This is the biggest section outside of the BlackBerry Developer Site that’s dedicated to our developer community.

It’s a Social Hub built for the BlackBerry community to engage with our developers as well as cherish their huge efforts to sustain and increase our apps base, both in consumer and productivity areas.

More is on its way! A TeamBBlogs dedicated enterprise environment is coming for the Enterprise #TeamBlackBerry developers.

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