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Today ReFocus Tech updated their app ARKick to support the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic devices.Earlier the  app could have been downloaded by Classic and Passport customers who had previously purchased ARKick on a different  device,but now the app is available for all users and has been optimized to support the resolutions of each device.
  • Added support and optimizations for BlackBerry Passport
  • Added support and optimizations for BlackBerry Classic
  • Minor bug fixes

ARKick is the world’s leading contextual Augmented Reality app which helps you find nearby places in the most innovative way ever! Use ARKick to find places in the camera view based on your context- location, weather, time and also based on trending places near you via our Sidekick Engine.

Watch a short demo video on “How to use ARKick”:

ARKick Features:
  • Easy to use augmented reality experience
  • Sidekick Mode- Personalized recommendations based on our contextual engine
  • Over 200 different categories of places to select from
  • Multiple selection of categories
  • Virtual Location (Experience any place in AR view, without having to go there)
  • Shortcuts to frequently searched categories on home screen
  • Get detailed information about places (Phone no, directions, address, ratings, etc)
  • Get to know the time to reach a place, depending on traffic conditions



‘SKETCHBOOK’ BY REFOCUS TECH UPDATED With Classic & Q5/10 support and more


ReFocus Tech announced availability of SketchBook update to v2.0.

About SketchBook:

SketchBook is one of the finest and most polished sketching, drawing and painting applications on BlackBerry 10. It has 6 different brushes to use with a palette of over 40 unique colors!

SketchBook gives you the ability to create an infinite number of ‘Books’ to organize your thoughts and drawings. Inside each book, the user’s sketches can be edited, viewed, deleted, cleared or shared! Both the book and the sketches can be renamed at any time.


  • Added support for BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5
  • Added ability to undo previous strokes (upto 10 strokes)
  • Added ability to add an image as an overlay
  • User Interface changes to reflect new actions
  • Minor Bug Fixes


SketchBook is available on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront at a discount price of $1.99!


Here’s a trailer courtesy ReFocus Tech:


Tilt by ReFocus Tech receives a massive update to v2.2 with a huge change log

Tilt 2 Featured





Leading Blackberry 10 development studio ReFocus Tech updates their apps ‘Tilt’ with new features, fixes and permanent price reduction!

Pune, India (January 22, 2015) Today ReFocus Tech pushed out the long awaited update for their most popular app ‘Tilt’ on BlackBerry World.

The update to Tilt is a huge surprise from development studio ReFocus Tech.

This is a major update to Tilt covering all of the requested features and changes suggested by users over the last year.

On the update and the recent controversies surrounding the app, ReFocus Tech’s CEO Mayur More said, “We are extremely sorry to all our users for making them have to wait for so long for the update. We had given up on Tilt, but thanks to the support of the BlackBerry Developer community and the love for the app shown by all of our users- we decided to rebuild the whole app from the ground up. Regarding the public controversies surrounding Tilt, I hope we all can put that behind us, as things like these keep on happening- it can only make us stronger to face what lies ahead. A special shout out to CellNinja (Roger LeBlanc) for his continuous support and guidance through the course of the project.”


About Tilt:

Tilt is a contextual app with an adaptive user interface. It manages the user’s news, weather, priority notes, battery stats, calendar and places. The app is built on the proprietary Sidekick Engine, the same contextual backend used in the award-winning app ARKick. It is used to manage the priority of all the users contextual information.

 The app features an adaptive user interface based on BlackBerry Sweden’s Tilt UI concept. Based on the phone’s gyroscopic orientation the information is displayed to give a non-obtrusive experience to the user.

Tilt v2.2.0.34 Changelogs:

  • Complete revamp of the app with better User Experience and interface
  • Added ‘Stocks’ Block
  • Added ‘Messages’ Block (Shows emails and SMS messages)
  • Added Swipe to Refresh on each Block
  • Added Custom Priority settings for each Block (High, Medium and Low)
  • Added a ‘Themes’ option in Application Menu. Total 13 themes are available
  • Added new ‘Squircle’ animation on Refresh and Loading
  • Added new fade in animation on tilting the device
  • Added option to choose the number of Blocks visible. You can display from 4 to 7 blocks, with default 7 blocks being shown
  • Added option to Restore In-App Purchases in Settings menu
  • Added option to add and remove unlimited number of stocks to follow
  • Added option to change Stock Update Interval
  • Added option to have Tilt mode Persist on Startup
  • Added option to turn of LED Notifications
  • Added new highlight animation on updating blocks (Can be disabled in settings)
  • Added option for distance (Metric or Imperial)
  • Added ‘Crackberry’ as an option in News Feed
  • Added new pages in Tutorial to reflect new features
  • Added random popup to join ReFocus BBM Channel once in a while
  • Active frame adjusted to show the colors from the current theme in Tilt
  • Active frame now shows icon on top when frame is longer than wide, and shows icon to the left when frame is wider than long
  • Active frame design tweaked with padding and adjustments
  • ActionItem will be on Signature for 10.3+
  • Tutorial now has a ‘cancel’ button and is in a Scroll View
  • Tapping on ‘Places’ block now shows options to Call place, Show in Maps or Open in Foursquare
  • Tapping on ‘Events’ Block invokes Calendar app as an invokable card
  • Tapping on ‘News’ Block invokes reader mode Powered by Readability
  • Tapping on ‘Email’ Block invokes default mail or SMS app
  • ‘Battery’ Block now displays if your phone is charging
  • ‘Weather’ Block icon changes depending on the current weather
  • Changed minimum OS version to 10.2 (from 10.0 previously)
  • Changes to Temperature setting now reflect in both ‘Weather’ and ‘Battery’ block
  • Changed links in the Settings menu to reflect new social profiles, website and email
  • Changed default color scheme
  • Changed the ‘Help’ menu to reflect new changes and additions
  • New app icon
  • New icon set for internal icons
  • Improved impact on battery and CPU usage (< 0.5% on average)
  • Refreshing the app now refreshes almost instantly
  • Swiping left on Email block marks that Email as ‘Read’ from Tilt
  • Removed useless context menus on long press for all blogs
  • Removed spacing between blocks
  • Removed Time display
  • Removed ‘Notes’ Block


Tilt for BlackBerry 10 is available on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront for $0.99:


Previously it was priced at $1.99 but now the price has permanently been reduced to $0.99



About ReFocus Tech

ReFocus Tech is a technology startup working on application, game and web development. Currently focusing on Augmented Reality technologies, contextual apps and 3D Game Development. The team creates optimal and quick solutions for challenging problems, be it an app or a website – no fuss, just honest hard work and a great team.

You can subscribe to ReFocus Tech’s ‘Most Valuable Customer’ program on their website. All MVC’s are eligible for instant updates, giveaways, news, tips and more!

Website: htttp://www.refocustech.in

Facebook: htttp://www.facebook.com/refocustechnologies

Twitter: htttp://www.twitter.com/ReFocusTech

BBM: C004D92DA

Puneet Kohli

ReFocus Tech
puneet@refocustech.in / punkohl@gmail.com

+91 9819954448

We’ve prepared a short video demo for you:

As well as screenshots, courtesy ReFocus Tech:


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