QuickPost udpates to v2.2 in BlackBerry World. With the newest update, QuickPost introduces new share targets for Instagram such as iGrann, iGrann Pro and Inst10.


QuickPost v2.2 full changelog:

Core Updates:

Introducing: Instagram

  • Sharing to instagram has never been easier with the addition of Inst10 and iGrann!

 New Start Screen

  • The QP Startup process has been enhanced with a new start screen.

 Enhanced Target Picker:

  • Share targets are now always visible, and QP will skip any that don’t support the post.

 Welcome Page Easy Access

  • Miss the welcome page on the first launch? Now you can open it again from the Help library.

 Fix: QP Music Missing Album Art, Part 2

  • Properly recognizes when album art is available when playing a video.

Pro Updates:

Share Target Reset

  • The new ‘Reset’ button on the share target customization page allows you to reset all your share targets to their default settings.

 Increased URL Shortening Quota

  • Due to a higher than expected demand for the QP URL Shortening feature, Google started cutting off QP users after a collective daily limit was hit. This update vastly increases this limit and allows us to further increase it OTA in the future.

 Cloud Sync Reliability

  • Fixed a bug that could cause your saved settings to be lost if QP was closed before the initial load was completed.


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