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Happy 10th Anniversary BBM

10 years ago, on August 1 2005, BBM was born  😀 A lot has happened to our beloved BBM and we have a cool Interactive Infographic with the most important events, made by Quen-Quen Potter, along with some cool wallpapers for the Passport, Classic and Q10, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary.

» http://bbq.pm/bbm10
» http://bbq.pm/bbm10hub
(Integrated with the Hub Menu Mobile)



BBM for BlackBerry 10 Beta Adds ‘Hide Sticker Packs’ Option


A new 10.8 build is now available in beta!.


Hide Sticker Packs!

No more holiday cheer? Haunted by your spooky Halloween Sticker Packs? Have we got news for you! This update includes the ability to hide Sticker Packs from the Sticker Picker in BBM Chats.

A couple big fixes…

  • Non-BBM Contacts displaying status messages
  • ‘Re-invite’/’Delete Contact’ buttons appear even after a non-BBM Contact becomes a BBM contact

The update is available to the participants of the closed beta program through the Beta Zone app.


New BBM beta now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone


BBM has been on a limited beta program for quite some time now. A new beta version has been released today and is available for download to those lucky participants.

Depending on your installed OS (v10.2.x, v10.3.0, v10.3.1) you will receive version v10.7.3.6, or respectively.


  • Share Pictures in BBM Group Chats – we know this is one you have been waiting for! In the middle of a Group Chat and have the perfect picture to share in the moment? Now, you can share pictures directly in your Group Chat!
  • “Delivered” and “Read” Notifications for File Transfers – enjoying the new ‘D’ and ‘R’ notifications for Picture Messages? Now, we bring the same experience to File Transfers! Send files to friends and family and receive confirmation when they have been read in BBM Chats.

Should you’re taking part of this beta program, you will find a new version available for you in the Beta Zone app.


New BBM Beta (v10.7.x) now available In The BlackBerry Beta Zone


BBM has been on a limited beta program for quite some time now. A new beta version has been released today and is available for download to those lucky participants.

Depending on your installed OS (v10.2.x, v10.3.0, v10.3.1) you will receive version v10.7.3.5,, respectively.

The new beta supports landscape mode and multiple picture sharing directly from the picture app.

Here’s the full changelog includes:

  • Landscape Mode – Looking for landscape support in the BBM application? Look no further! This version of BBM includes support for landscape mode in the BBM application directly. No need to view messages from Hub view! Try it out and be ready to let us know what you think in an upcoming survey.
  • Multiple Picture Transfer support from Pictures App – Have you taken advantage of the new Multiple Picture Transfer functionality? Now, you can take advantage of this functionality via the Pictures App! Test out this new Share functionality in the Pictures App and share your feedback in our next survey. Don’t forget to submit a Bug Report if you experience any unexpected issues while trying out this new functionality.

Once again, this is currently a limited beta, however, surely it will be made available widely pretty soon, should no major issues arise.


BlackBerry announces BBM for Android Wear smartwatches


The BBM team is in Las Vegas and they’re showing off support for discreet messaging from your wrist – A new feature that will soon be available for a wide range of Android Wear smartwatches.

With BBM for Android Wear, the team has taken some of the most common BBM activities out of your pocket and onto your wrist. If you often hear the BBM notification when your hands are full you’re going to love this.

Without touching your phone you can:

  • See who a new message is from and read it – while loading grocery bags into the back of your car;
  • Review and accept invites from would-be BBM contacts while on the go;
  • Flip through several messages to find that one with the address you’re looking for – while carrying a coffee;
  • Pick from a list of pre-defined messages to quickly send a response – while in a meeting (or class 😉 );
  • Use your voice and Google Now to respond to messages hands-free.

BBM for Android Wear is only a first step to support cross-platform wearable technology. And it will be available soon.


BBM Update Addresses Default Stickers Issue


Since the recent BBM update, many users have been complaining about the issue of BBM bringing up your stickers as the default.  The users have voiced their opinion to BlackBerry and BlackBerry responded with a quick fix for this.

It seems sort of a compromise. If you have already entered text in the BBM message box and hit the emoticon icon, emoticons show up as the default. Otherwise, If you want to just send an emoticon and no message, the stickers show up as the default.

What do you think about this compromise?

Download BBM for BlackBerry 10 devices from BlackBerry World


All BBM sticker packs are on sale for a limited time!


Go get it folks!!!:

BBM users can take advantage of a limited time promotion on BBM Stickers. Starting December 9th at 12:01am EST, all BBM sticker packs are $0.99 USD for a limited time. That means the Christmas pack is now only $0.99 USD, Penguins of Madagascar is only $0.99 USD and Disney Frozen pack is only $0.99USD! Stock up on sticker packs now, they’re a great way to bring some fun into your BBM chats.


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