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Stop The Leaks WorldWide Statement

As BlackBerry fans, we love to hear and see new information about our favored brand. Leaks are great, but not when it harms the very company which the people who propagate and distribute the leak claim to support.

BlackBerry has a Beta Program to get real world testing on upcoming OS versions, where the company invites a number of ‘trusted’ users to test a Beta OS. The participants in the Beta Program are held to a certain level of secrecy, for the good of the program and the continued success of BlackBerry. The idea is that these people, in full knowledge, download the software, test it out and give feedback so the company can deliver the OS without any flaws.

These are Beta versions, not meant for the public. But there’s a group of users that tend to leak these OS’s (latest: 10.3.2) and certain blogs continue to support this illegal action, knowing that it hurts the company.

We truly understand the thirst for a new OS, but leaking BETA OS is a crime. It is stealing software.

Do the right thing; follow Chen’s statement from last March 2014:

“One of the most frustrating things for all of us at BlackBerry is when a critical and confidential project is reported in the media before we are ready to discuss it. Leaks are, at their best, distracting, and at their worst downright misleading to our stakeholders. The business implications of a leak are seldom advantageous.”

Stop the bleeding! No more Beta leaks, don’t support this action!

The below collection of BlackBerry fan sites and BBM Channels are taking a collective stance on these leaks. We will not support the leaks and those that provide them. We will not promote the leaks and those that distribute them. We do choose, as fans, to support and promote BlackBerry, and we invite you, the BlackBerry fan, to join us.

Support Group





Café com BlackBerry Brazil & TeamBBlogs proudly present: BlackBerry magazine special edition Apps & Games!



Ladies and Gentlemen, The new Café com Blackberry Brazil BlackBerry magazine Is here, and for the first time ever, it goes international!!

Quick background: Café com BlackBerry is a Brazilian magazine focused exclusive on BlackBerry!. Launched in April 2013 in Brazil, and has do far published 6 articles and 1 special edition. All within Brazil only and in Portuguese. The magazine is targeted towards BlackBerry users and brings news, info, tips, reviews, apps and more. The magazine is available online as well as a PDF document.

Café com Blackberry is ran by BerrySocialBr, while the magazine is published by Berry Creative. As mentioned above, for the first time ever, the magazine goes international and gets an English edition as well. This is as result partnership with us at bblogs.info. For the past few months we have approached a selection of local Brazilian and international BlackBerry app developers and interviewed them about their background, their ties and involvement to the BlackBerry platform and ecosystem and their apps. List of developers is quite impressive and includes familiar names such as: Marco Gallo; Marco Bavagnoli; Alessandro Bellotti; Jeremy Duke; Brandon Orr; Yogeshwar Padhyegurjar; Pat Wallace; Tony Cresswell; Oliver Martinez; Shashwat Pradham; Michael Muth; Rik Scheffer; Davide Massetti.

Brazilian devs: Leandro de Sales; Ivan Scher.

Others CJH (BBOS Themes)

Special appearance for this edition is made by Luca Filigheddu – Manager, Global Developer Ecosystem at BlackBerry. Luca is also responsible for running the Developer segment within the BlackBerry Elite program.

So without further ado, let us give it to you 🙂

Online version

Download as PDF

Special thanks to our dear friend Quen-quen Potter for his timeless efforts in leading and making this magazine happen.

Publisher: Berry Creative | C001708B0


bblogs.info is expanding. Current members list

Großes Blog-Bild


We are proud to see our community expanding, as more more BlackBerry fan sites join in.

Current members list (in alphabetical order):

Blog BBM Channel Country (Language)
1. BB10QNX.de C00125869 on iOS Germany (Deutsch)
2. BBatjp.wordpress.com C00486905 on iOS Japan (Japanese)
3. BerryIL.com C000DE6F1 on iOS Israel (Hebrew)
4. BerrySocial.com.br C0001ABFE on iOS Brazil (Portuguese)
5. BlackBerry-FR.com C00107F05 on iOS France (French)
6. BlackBerryClic.com C001224A7 on iOS Italy (Italian)
7. BlackBerryDev.com C002A26C2 on iOS Venezuela (Spanish)
8. BlackBerryPortugal.com C000BEB26 on iOS Portugal (Portuguese)
9. BlackBerrys.ru C00164A6D on iOS Russia (Russian)
10. KPOdsm.wordpress.com C00019CAE on iOS France (English)




on iOS

India (English)



Coming Soon: Developers Lounge!

BBlogs is designed to promote and embrace the BlackBerry brand, its products and developers by providing them with a warm home and place to collaborate, cooperate and share.

Always looking for better ways to engage developers with the BlackBerry Community, we are announcing today our new project called DEVELOPERS LOUNGE.



This Lounge will bring a developers network with profile and apps, with the focus of helping the BlackBerry community find apps Built for BlackBerry that suits their needs and help developers share their apps.

Here you will find:

  • Developers Directory;
  • Developers Profile Page with Apps;
  • Apps Directory;
  • Reviews;
  • and more…

Developers Lounge will be launch soon! Stay tuned at BBlogs.info


Café com BlackBerry Magazine Special Edition, Coming Soon!

At #TeamBBlogs, we are commited to promote BlackBerry as a brand, products, as well the developer community. We always look for productive ways and means to do just that.

BlackBerry Blogs has team up with BerrySocial Brazil for the next edition of Café com BlackBerry Magazine.

Café com BlackBerry is the Brazilian national magazine dedicated to BlackBerry news, apps, devs and more.

This upcoming edition, due somewhere between November 13th and 20th, will focus on the developer community in order to promote devs and their apps. It will be published worldwide in English and Brazilian Portuguese, in the formats of PDF and online via Issuu.

We have compiled a list of top app developers from our community, that includes:

  • Marco Gallo
  • Marco Bavagnolli
  • Alessandro Bellotti
  • Oliver Martinez
  • Jeremy Duke
  • Tony Cresswell
  • Pat Wallace
  • Brandon Orr
  • Yogeshwar Padhyegurjar
  • Julian Tessmann

We are very excited to bring this Magazine to the BlackBerry Community and appreciate the cooperation and support from all developers that commited to this project.

If you are a BlackBerry Developer and wants to show your app on the Magazine, get in touch and we will be glad to welcome you in.


BBlogs is a BlackBerry Social HUB established for the BlackBerry community worldwide.

BBlogs is designed to promote and embrace the BlackBerry brand, its products and developers by providing them with a warm home and place to collaborate, cooperate and share.

BBlogs does not intend to merge blogs into one in any way, but rather work together in order to promote BlackBerry and it’s products. We take pride at our community. Our team is comprised of passionate enthusiasts who have earned their knowledge through years of dedicated, hands-on, experience. We share stories. We embrace multiple points of view. This approach has us foster a wide community, and a extremely high level of authenticity.

The Developers Lounge is our prime product as it stands as a “Hall of Fame” of BlackBerry developers. This is the biggest section outside of the BlackBerry Developer Site that’s dedicated to our developer community.

It’s a Social Hub built for the BlackBerry community to engage with our developers as well as cherish their huge efforts to sustain and increase our apps base, both in consumer and productivity areas.

More is on its way! A TeamBBlogs dedicated enterprise environment is coming for the Enterprise #TeamBlackBerry developers.

Become a member of our community! Join Us!

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