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I am a serial Entrepreneur currently serving as the CEO and founder of Emberify ( where we have a 5 person team.

We work with Native Cascades apps. Emberify is a startup working on consumer based analytic and utility apps. Using contextual information, cloud integration and analytic technologies Emberify aims to create a more relevant mobile experience for their users.

I also consult at Max Secure Software where we have a large Built for BlackBerry apps portfolio. We work on security and privacy apps for both consumers and the enterprise BlackBerry is our focussed platform for the quality of great users and a great community. With prosumers and enterprises in need for quality of high productivity apps. It has been a great journey since the platform was launched on January 30th.

It’s been a good two years of BlackBerry 10 development.

Apps Portfolio

Instant is one of the most popular apps that Emberify launched on BlackBerry World. Since BlackBerry users are addicted to their phones, Instant serves as a lifestyle app that tracks device usage and allows the user to set limits and reminders. We offer advance analytics with graphs. The plan is to add more analytic features and make it a central tracking/analytic app for users.

Future Plans

We are currently working with a company to work on an Enterprise version for Reminder Now.

Featured Apps

Reminder Now is a contextual reminder app. With people and location based reminders, Reminder Now builds on the native BlackBerry experience of the Remember app.

  • Location based reminders
  • Runs in the background (headless)
  • Integrated with the hub
  • and more…
Instant is a lifestyle app, automatically tracks the daily usage of your BlackBerry. It can works seamlessly in the background(headless) tracking how much time you spend on your BlackBerry everyday.

  • Automatically track your BlackBerry device usage time.
  • Get reminders in the hub with usage time and your daily remaining of the limit.
  • Track history of your daily device usage.
  • and more…

Instant will help you balance your life so that you can focus more on the people around you.

Updates & Reviews

Celebrate Emberify first year with a Birthday Sale! (7/24/2015) - Emberify​ turns one year old on 25th July, to celebrate this all apps are on a $1 sale on BlackBerry World. Emberify’s apps provide users better productivity with their context aware features. Apps on Sale: Reminder Now​ (66% off) Tilt Now​ (50% off) Instant​ (50% off) Inbox Zero​ (50% off) Follow Mail​ (50% off) “We […]
Emberify Launches Inbox Zero v2. Brings the Ability To Manage Flagged Emails (6/5/2015) - Barely 3 months after the initial launch of Emberify’s Inbox Zero, today they launch Inbox Zero v2. Inbox Zero v2 brings on the ability to manage flagged emails. Those of you who are unfamiliar with Inbox Zero, It’s a productivity app that allows you to put off unread email as a reminder for later. Once […]
Follow Mail updated with new features and improvements (5/26/2015) -   Pune, India (May 26th, 2014) – Emberify launches Follow Mail version four on BlackBerry World. Follow Mail is an email productivity app that allows the user to Follow Up on sent emails, mail notifications and fast read emails. It is updated with the option of notifications for all emails, auto headless restart, bug fixes […]
Inbox Zero by Emberify (3/13/2015) - Inbox Zero is now available on BlackBerry World, which allows the user to snooze emails for future reminder similar to Mailbox and Inbox by Gmail. It also comes packed with Emberify’s Adaptive Theme and also Turbo Reader. Users can quickly manage their emails through Inbox Zero and set the unimportant ones for the future. This […]
Emberify releases Follow Mail 2.0 with Adaptive theme concept (2/21/2015) - Follow Mail 2.0 comes with new features and fixes! It also comes integrated with the adaptive theme concept. The new adaptive theme automatically changes the theme according to the environment lighting. Follow Mail can detect you are indoor in a dark room and automatically switch to a dark user interface. Next morning, you are heading […]
Emberify launches Follow Mail, an email productivity app for BlackBerry 10 (1/28/2015) - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Emberify launches Follow Mail, an email productivity app for BlackBerry 10   Pune, India (January 28​ th​ , 2014) – ​Emberify​ launches email productivity app ‘Follow Mail’. Follow Mail offers follow ups, custom notifications and fast read for email. It works complimentary to the hub. Primary features of Follow Mail: Follow Up […]
Emberify releases Reminder Now 3.0, the fastest and most reliable way to create Reminders on BlackBerry 10 (1/21/2015) - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Emberify releases Reminder Now 3.0, the fastest and most reliable way to create Reminders on BlackBerry 10 Pune, India (January 19th, 2014) – Today Emberify launches Reminder Now 3.0; a contextual reminder app for BlackBerry 10. Using people and locations for reminders, with favorite places and lists added.  New features in Reminder […]

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