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Santhosh Manikandan, living in Chennai, India


Doing BE Mechanical Engineering. I have been coding for a year using Momentics IDE for BlackBerry 10 using cascades, Qt and Qml.

Why BlackBerry?

I am a person who doesn’t go by the masses. I first bought a Nokia 700 as I loved the Symbian os. Then thought of buying Nokia N9. But missed it. So searched for a phone which is very full of gestures and intuitive and found BlackBerry 10. Bought a Z10STL100-1.

Sometimes I hate developing for BlackBerry 10 as it doesn’t support new versions of Qt. But my love for BlackBerry 10 os is the pushing force for my continuing my development.

Future Plans

As of now I am developing a new app which does reply now feature in BlackBerry 10 by itself. If one schedule a message template like “I am driving. Will call you back later ” from 8:00 to 9:00. All incoming caller will receive a message stating the above and the app blocks the call too.

Featured Apps

It’s a Sms scheduling apps with feature to send single Sms, repeat message and group message features. I built this app because there was not a single app which had all these features.

  • Sends the text message at a particular time
  • Headless app
  • Upfront Integration (An innovative app by Roger Leblanc)
  • Contact Integration
  • and more…
Have you guys ever faced a situation where you can’t attend a phone call like while driving or swimming? This app helps you in those situations.

With the help of this app, one can schedule a reply that must be sent to all the people who calls during a particular time.

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