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I started programming at primary school. There I was taught to write simple websites with HTML and CSS.

In the years after I learned a lot more about building websites. During middle school I started learning PHP and MySQL, so I could make interactive websites. Around the same time a friend convinced me to start making some games with Gamemaker, a simple tool for making simple games. Which was relative easy because of my previous gathered programming experience.

After a little while I wanted to make applications which could run on my computer. Due to my father’s work, we had Visual Studio on our computer at home, so I started to learn C#. A few years later Windows Phone was launched, which enabled me to make phone apps with C#. And later on, with the release of Windows 8, I started to make apps for Windows 8. While making some apps for customers, I also learned about writing apps for Android and iOS.

When BlackBerry held the BlackBerry DevCon Europe 2012 in Amsterdam, my home town, they offered all attendees a free BlackBerry PlayBook. This sounded great, so I attended and started to learn how to write apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook. I also joined the Dutch BlackBerry Developer Group.

For testing purposes BlackBerry gave me a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A at the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour Amsterdam. This encouraged me to port my PlayBook apps to BlackBerry 10 and therefore received a Limited edition Z10. A couple of my apps got the Built for BlackBerry designation, for example Rumminy. In January 2014 a friend and I became Group managers of the Dutch BlackBerry developer group/BlackBerry Community NL.

Why BlackBerry?

The great parts of developing apps for BlackBerry are the ease of use of Cascades and its high flexibility. Another great thing of BlackBerry from the perspective of developers is that there are not that much apps, so you can be the first to make apps, which already have hundreds copies on Android etc. but none on BlackBerry, for BlackBerry. Also when you release an app it can easily get quite some exposure on BlackBerry.

After learning to build native apps for BlackBerry (with cascades) I also learned writing apps with Qt, which is very similar to cascades. Apps created with Qt can easily be ported to all major mobile platforms.

Apps Portfolio

My favourite app I built is Rumminy for BlackBerry 10. It is a free online turn based game, just like the family game Rummi or Rummikub.

This fun game is easy to play, and during the game you can chat with your opponents.

My current plan with this game is to bring it to the other major platforms, so more people can enjoy it. The Windows 8 version is the first of those to be released. Leaderboards are also in the works.

Collaboration Projects

Featured Apps

Rumminy is a nice online game for two players, based on the famous Rummy or Ginrummy card game.

The game consists of 74 pieces: two sets of pieces, each having numbers 1 to 9 in four different colours and a joker.

At the beginning of a game each player receives 8 random pieces. The objective for each of the players is to get rid of these pieces in turns, by making combinations of pieces on the playfield. The player who succeeds first is the winner of the game.

Games can be played against any of the other registered players. There are no limitations to the number of games being played at the same time.

Default Icons for BlackBerry 10 app contains a lot of icons. These icons can easily be used in any app for BlackBerry for free!

This app is primarily made for developers of apps for BlackBerry 10. Using any icon from this app is free.

  • multiple icon packs (also contains the official BlackBerry iconpack)
  • a save option for every icon
  • an option for different backgrounds to test the icons
  • a list of icons, which can be viewed in both Grid and List view

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