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a.k.a. NemOry in the Digital World.


I’m 22 Years old born from the Philippines stayed there for 21 years and now in the US Jacksonville City, Florida. I’m half American half Filipino.

I started programming when I was grade 3 elementary. like 12 years from now. I started programming with WML for Wap Sites. My facebook that time was http://pinoywap.net or PinoyWAP & G-Blogs / Globe Blogs. A filipino social network wap site and that’s where I started to learn about programming.

I currently know how to program in: C/C++, QT, Javascript, Java, C#, Lua Script, PHP, Visual Basic. Markup languages: QML, HTML, XAML, XML.

In the past 4 years I was an android developer for like 2 years. then switched to Windows Phone & Windows 8 Development. Then when BB10 Came out with SDKs and stuffs then I started BB10 Development. Also in the middle of BB10 development I did play around with Unity3D and created an awesome unfinished game Kelly Escape.

And right now I’m very focused on making native bb10 apps. I’m also a BlackBerry Elite. I’ve created some systems like the BB10 Quiz Maker: http://quizmaker.nemoryoliver.com/ and helped lots of devs push out apps in BB World before BB10 launch.

I’ve used tools like: Corona SDK, Unity3D Engine, Windows SDK, Android SDK, BB10 SDK, Web Stuffs.

Why BlackBerry?

I felt inlove with BB10 when I first seen it’s UI, the dev alpha, the sdk and the unique features like the Hub, No Home Button all gesture based, I said to myself this is awesome. This will be the OS I want.

The amount of support as a developer in the BB10 platform is very good compared to the other platforms. BlackBerry provides development devices, early sdk access, webinars, swags, events and prizes.

Featured Apps

The most feature rich Native Instagram Client you can find for BlackBerry 10!

Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Transform your everyday photos and videos into works of art and share them with your family and friends.

With unique and innovative features, Twittly aims to replace the Native Twitter app on BlackBerry smartphones, delivering the most advance Twitter experience.

“Twittly brings the most advance Twitter experience available of today, integrated to all the users favorite apps bringing an amazing connected Twitter experience,” – Nemory Oliver, BlackBerry Elite Developer and CEO of Nemory Studios.

The fastest and the most reliable Facebook Messenger Client for BlackBerry 10.

  • Real Time Sending and Receiving Chats(no refreshing required)
  • Stunningly Beautiful Design
  • Start a Conversation
  • Send Stickers (via plain text Links/URL)
  • Update your Facebook Status within the App
  • Very Fast and Fluid Performance
  • Sent / Received Date and Time.
  • and more…

Updates & Reviews

Face10 by Nemory Studios is the Facebook you always dreamt on your BlackBerry 10 Device! (2/2/2016) - Face10 for Facebook is the complete replacement to the Official Facebook Application we have. This app is 10x Superior in Features, Speed, Performance and UI Design. Like the title suggests, Face10 is the Facebook App you always dreamt on your BlackBerry 10 device and will allow you to explore the full features of the social […]
Revamped Messenger for Facebook now in BlackBerry World! (6/1/2015) -   Our dear friends Oliver Martinex, a.k.a Nemory Studios has just relaunched Messenger for Facebook in BlackBerry World. The revamped app has been marked v5.0.600.1 and is available in a Lite (free) and Pro ($2.99) versions. So what’s new in this revamped  Messenger: New and Improved User Interface New and Improved User Experience New Emojis […]
Headless Stabilizer by Nemory Studios available for free in BlackBerry Beta Zone (5/23/2015) - Headless Stabilizer is COMPLETELY FREE and designed and built especially for Nemory Studios’ Applications. Get it now in BlackBerry Beta Zone It runs in the background and continuously checks for headless services that aren’t running and restarts them. Recommend for all of you, who are using Inst10, Twittly and other apps by Nemory Studios, in […]
PhoneFinder by Nemory Studios arrives at Beta Zone! (5/4/2015) - Whether it’s lost at home, at work, or anywhere else. Just a simple SMS, Email and you can command PhoneFinder to help you Locate your lost phone. It will give you so much detailed information such as Direct URL to locate your phone in a Map with Directions, Battery, SDCard, and Cellular Information. PhoneFinder is […]
Insta10, native Instagram app by Nemory Studios lands in Beta Zone (1/30/2015) - Insta10, previously named Instagrann, is a native Instagram client developed by our dear friend Oliver Martinez (NeMory Studios) that has been in a closed beta for a while. Insta10 has landed in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for a public beta today. INSTA10 FEATURES: Login Register Post to Feeds (Photo only) Send Direct Messages (Photo only) […]

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