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Born in Germany, began developing in the age of 12. I got a Commodore C64 for christmas and I found it just extremely cool to get stuff working. Just like today with my BlackBerry. 😉

I began with Basic, learned some Assembler and C during industrial training and developed many years using Visual Basic at Work.

Why BlackBerry?

The reason and background of why you chose BlackBerry (if you also have BBOS experience, by all means – do tell) Because Nokia “asked me” to do so. 😀

I was a Nokia fanboy for many years and I began to develop for those short after they bought Qt, a cross platform development framework for which I learned C++ from the ground up. It needs a lot of time to establish a completely new framework in your developer community and short after they invested several years, got everything ready and the first devices arrived at the market the hostile take-over by Microsoft began and I got asked to begin again from zero and learn now .NET development for the uncapable Windows Phone devices.

Just during those times BlackBerry gave out Playbook tablets to interested developers which seemed to be also capable of Qt and in the same year more details about BB10 were unveiled. The use of Cascades framework was made based on the stuff Nokia has created and Qt was used as part of the native framework. Reason enough for me to take a closer look.

Furthermore was the user interface concept of the first prototype device I got in my hands (Dev Alpha) surprisingly similar to my beloved Nokia N9 for which I needed a successor since Nokia was not longer capable of creating devices powered by Qt.

So I began to port my Symbian, maemo and MeeGo apps over to BlackBerry 10 and in the meantime I develop exclusively for this devices.

“I’m just a small boring nerd which enjoys too much Coke and loves to create apps which helps people to stay productive. I’m a mixture of Homer Simpson and Sheldon Cooper…”

Future Plans

I’m currently developing BlackBullet full steam ahead (some push types are still missing, the headless integration needs to get done and a lot more stuff) and I have already my next application on the drawing board which I would love to begin as soon as possible.

This will keep me for sure busy for the next few months and until then I will have the next ones on schedule.

Featured Apps

BlackBullet – a native client for pushbullet.com and IFTTT.COM.

It is a app for device to device communication. You can sent using this app text blocks, links or even files from your BlackBerry to your Desktop, a iPad or Android Tablet. Also the other way arround.

ClipMan is maybe currently the most useful app at BlackBerry World if you have to deal with texts, tweets and social networks at your BlackBerry device.

It doesn’t matter if you just store text blocks to be able to answer faster your business email, if you write BBM postings in drafts within ClipMan without the danger of sending it out too early or if you are doing a complicated investigation at the Internet and collecting Links to interesting stuff.

Updates & Reviews

Blackbullet for Blackberry 10, Native Pushbullet client (11/20/2014) - PushBullet app is available for Android and iOS. However, thanks to the developer Michael Muth, also 10 BlackBerry users can benefitfrom this service in a form of a Native BlackBerry 10 app. After being introduced to the service itself (which I did not cover here but rather only the application by Michael Muth), I experience thenative app version which is currently in Beta and is named Blackbullet. Little […]

Note to the Community

If you like native apps don’t forget to leave good reviews at BlackBerry World. In case you have suggestions or ran in any kind of issue drop the developer directly a EMail via BlackBerry World.

This way your questions can get answered and the developer is also able to ask for more details. Developing apps needs a lot of learning and is a incredible amount of work. Sometimes you’re just unable to see the smaller issues because of all the stuff you need to be aware of.

Just leaving a bad reviews won’t help anyone, help the developer instead and the chance will get a lot higher that you get in the end the kind of app you really would love to have.

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