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Lives in Sicily ( Italy), where the sun shines 360 days/years!

I got my first computer at 7 years old, an old and cool 386 full of splendid games, I still dreaming it sometimes!

I started to develop android apps on 2011 with many disappointment, I then switch at 01/2012 on BlackBerry Platform and i was so happy from hardware performances, big support and no more memory leaks!BlackBerry sent me a BlackBerry Playbook for update and improve existing apps and then I never stop the developing of new apps and games on this amazing platform.

I ever created a local BlackBerry Developer Group thanks to Luca Filigheddu, and I support everyday many developers that want to join on BlackBerry platform.

I graduated in Computer Science in 2013, after 2 months I was choosen as BlackBerry Elite for my engagement in the BlackBerry Platform.

I prefer object oriented languages, indeed my programming languages are Java, Javascript, HTML5, C#. I develop games using the famous Unity3D Engine.

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Air Messages arrives on the BlackBerry Priv (11/7/2015) - The Priv, first Android Secured device by BlackBerry, started to arrive to users yesterday and the great developer Marco Gallo today released its newest amazing app Air Messages for the Priv. Now Air Messages supports BlackBerry 10 and Android Priv users. Congratulations Marco for such fast porting of the app, providing the service a bigger […]
Air Messages by Marco Gallo available on BlackBerry Beta Zone (7/19/2015) - Air Messages by Marco Gallo available on BlackBerry Beta Zone Air Messages is a real Social Geolocation Communication service, covering the world with messages from our BlackBerry. Available at Beta Zone, the app counted over 4000 messages sent from over 2000 users in the first day of the beta release. v.0.1.3 Update New Messages are now […]
Prospectiv by Marco Gallo (6/27/2015) - Prospectiv is a puzzle game performing completly new mechanics: immersed in a relaxing enviroment you have to match shapes using your perspectives. “It is just a matter of perspective” Relax and challenge yourself with this game never seen before. Immersed in a flow, after Light Chamber, Prospectiv is the second in the series “Art Games” brought […]
SelfieCam updated to v5.2.0.5. Now free for existing users (5/27/2015) - SelfieCam by our dear friend Marco Gallo just got updated to v5.2.0.5. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the app, SelfieCam is a great tool to snap Selfies, and combine them with nice BlackBerry 10 themed photo frames. Existing users, who downloaded the app at least once, are now automatically upgraded to the full […]
Pintagram updated to v4.4 in BlackBerry World (4/18/2015) - Pintagram update is available in the BlackBerry World. Pintagram V4.4 features: As planned the Webpart of Pintagram was stripped of animations, and the ContactsPicker (for load phone contacts) rewritten in native code. The UI is now fast and responsive I added a “Garbage Collector” for recover resources during usage and during app standby: The app the […]
Hands On with Super Crossy for Blackberry 10 (3/29/2015) - Hands on with the new game by Marco Gallo, Super Crossy, is your next addictive. It’s simple game that all you need is to not hit by the obstacles that on the road. You need to collect coins by jump in the boxes or by ones. To play all you need to touch the screen […]
The concept of the name of the game Light Chamber by Marco Gallo (3/5/2015) - Light Chamber name came out during beta testing of the game. Marco needed to create a name about the game mechanism of creating light paths, but maintain ref with the square design. ‘Spheres’: Every game has an hidden meaning that can be interpreted. For Marco, the ‘black spheres’ are like ideas that be pulled out […]
Light Chamber by Marco Gallo (2/24/2015) - An experimental game to test your mind ability in an incredible game. Pure flat design to give you concentration and the best gaming experiences. Rules:  Click to change the grid color in sequence of red,green, white. Let all black sphere reach the green spot creating a color path. Avoid the connection of black spheres. Available […]
Ice Cubes – an amazing and addictive game by Marco Gallo (1/9/2015) - Our dear friend Marco Gallo whom I nicknamed “the gaming machine” is not resting for a moment. Today he announced the launch a new game which we had the pleasure of getting an early taste. The game is called “Ice Cubes” as its name indicates its purpose, stacking as many ice cubes all the way […]




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