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Lives in Vercelli, Italy!


I am a courious being and I always been attracted to technology and all kind of sciences expecially astronomy. The step that introduced me into devloping stuff, was when I was young and my dad gifted me a game console, a Texas Instruments TI99/4A with a cartridge for BASIC language 🙂

When PCs appeared, I started loving pascal, assembler, C/C++ and in 2005 I discovered the Qt framework. With my background of Qt and its introduction in the new BlackBerry 10 OS in 2012, it was easy to start loving BB10 not only for its brand, but also for developing.

My first app is been Tube, later on called Super2 due to the YouTube restrictions. It’s now called SuperTube and it has also a new icon because of wishes of many user. I asked help about the design for the new icon to the users and I got awesome responses from them!

I always tried to listen to suggestions and critics from users, by this SuperTube is becomed very popular also for the many reviews written on many blogs around the world.

After a lot of updates, I thought that was the time to build also other apps: LapseLab HD, AudioExtractor, VideoShrinker, AvatArt, VideoGIFer, SupremeRadio, WallExpo. With this last app I won a voucher for for a BlackBerry certification test which I always wished, and now I am a proud BlackBerry Certified Native Developer!

I am not very active on social networks. I started to follow developers on the #BlackBerryDev IRC channel on Freenode (with lildeimos as the nickname) and on the BlackBerry developer forum.

Also attending to developer related events, let me meet some valued guys like Luca Filigheddu (AKA @filos actually Global Developer Ecosystem at BlackBerry) which is a real glue with us Italian developers, and also Alessandro Bellotti (BlackBerry Elite member) golden friend and great developer with whom I developed some blog apps with some relevant success like MB10, Clic, Technonation, Berry-IL, B-FR.

Recently, with some other developer friends, I received the Silver BlackBerry Partner approval in the hope we will develope some useful enterprise applications.

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ThirdEye by Marco Bavagnoli available on BlackBerry Beta Zone (7/24/2015) - ThirdEye by Marco Bavagnoli lets you apply effects in pictures in real time. There are a bunch of nice filters / effects you can choose from: Blur Lens Deformer Sin City Rainbow Postcard and much more… Download now at BlackBerry Beta Zone
Snap2Share updates to v.2.1.0 with new tools and improvements (7/7/2015) - Snap2Share by Marco Bavagnoli updates to v.2.1.0 with new tools and improvements: ★ multi line added to text tool to better fit memers needs ★ text tool has now line spacing and contour stroke options ★ overlay zoom has now a better interaction ★ pen size slider has a better control when sliding low pen size […]
Edit, Paint, Watermark & share you screenshots and photos with Snap2Share by Marco Bavagnoli (12/13/2014) - If you’re the one who likes to edit or sketch on photos here’s a great app for you. Snap2Share by Marco Bavagnoli (recently featured on the BlackBerry Developer blog) is a new app that allows you to edit photos, add text, watermark, add effects and much more. Once launched, Snap2Share main screen displays a quick […]

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