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I am a Web-Developer, so i am loving HTML5/WebWorks for BlackBerry 10.

Sublime-Text (a simple Text Editor) is my tool to write apps in HTML5/JavaScript. I know people love the native look of BlackBerry 10 Apps, so i am using the BBUI.JS toolkit to get close to it.

I chose BlackBerry a few years ago with my older BlackBerry Pearl. After that i updated to the Curve 8520 and the Bold 9900. I used it a very long time and started to love BlackBerry more every day. Since the BlackBerry 10 release, i started to develope apps using a device-simulator. After a few apps, i was able to get a developer-unit from BlackBerry, the Dev-Alpha C. I joined a few developer programs and got my lovely red Z10LE and using it till know. I really like the BlackBerry 10 platform in all its ways, from the gesture based UI to its productivity – its simply professional.

I developed around 10 Apps for BlackBerry 10. From my favorite App “BProfile” to an app for my local soccer team, a car finder etc.

My favorite App is “BProfile”, its just a simple small app, which lets you add BlackBerry logos and text to your own profile picture. The idea was simple: Show all people your BlackBerry Love around the World in your profile picture!

After I submitted it to BlackBerry World the resonance was incredible. I got thousands of downloads in a short time, got request from BlackBerry-Blogs around the world, added more symbols and features every update.

Featured Apps


BProfile is a free app which allow you to place a BlackBerry 10 Style Text-Block onto your profile picture. You can choose an existing picture from your gallery or you can take a new photo with your camera. After that you can add a text you like (21 characters max) and move around the Textbox. Add some symbols you want, drag them the place you want, change the color of the textblock and save it!
CarLocator / CarFinder for BlackBerry® 10 (Z10/Z30/Q10/Q5)

  • Video: http://youtu.be/0_Nuqbl_LPY
  • Set and save Car-Position on GoogleMap*
  • View Car-Position on GoogleMap*
  • Show route on GoogleMap in realtime from your position to saved Car Position*
  • Share Status to BBM
  • Shows distance to Car from current Position
  • Save Parking No. in Parking Decks
  • and more…
TimeLine is an application to create simple and beautiful timelines.

Choose your timeline range (year), add up to 11 events with different ranges (year/month) and colors and save (Pro Feature) it as an image!

You can also save your TimeLines and edit them later!

  • Create Beautiful TimeLines
  • BBM Connected
  • Export TimeLines as image (Pro)
  • Share exported image instantly (Pro)
  • and more…

Newest Apps


Updates & Reviews

TeamBBlogs proudly announce Decor – Wallpapers HD (9/15/2015) - Get access to high quality custom wallpapers for your BlackBerry® 10 device with Decor – Wallpapers HD, powered by TMC Devs & Quen-Quen Potter. The application provides Custom Wallpapers Packs updated regularly, online, without the need to update app. Features:‎ » High quality wallpapers » Wallpapers specially customized for all screen resolutions » No need […]
TeamBBlogs proudly announce Groovy by TMCdevs (5/18/2015) - Search for music, Instantly with Groovy for BlackBerry 10!!!   Millions of music, live streaming… Groovy is a app/client to stream MP3s like “Grooveshark” or other streaming services. Features: Search for MP3s and Songs Listen to MP3s and Songs Play MP3s with the invoked MediaPlayer Card “InstantPlay”, play MP3s with the in-app player and search […]
TeamBBlogs proudly announce TimeLine by TMCdevs (4/12/2015) - TimeLine is an application to create simple and beautiful timelines. Choose your timeline range (year), add up to 11 events with different ranges (year/month) and colors and save (Pro Feature) it as an image! You can also save your TimeLines and edit them later! Create Beautiful TimeLines Select Year-Range Add up to 11 events per […]
BProfile v. Adds Box-Lock Toggle and more!!! (3/27/2015) - We are pleased to announce that the next update (v1.2.1.1219) has just been submitted to BlackBerry World for approval.  Changelog: Added Feature(Free): “Box-Lock”-Toggle (in overflow menu). Now you can move the textbox completely free! Re-Lock the Box to restore its position and size Added Fonts(Free): “OpenSans”, “Roboto”, “Lato”, “Oswald”, “DroidSans”, “Lora”, “PTSans”, “Slabo”, “SourceSans”, “FiraSans” […]
BProfile v. brings Scaled UI for BlackBerry Passport and more! (3/13/2015) - The new update of BProfile brings a whole new Scaled UI for the BlackBerry Passport and new icons (Community and Social). Now the app looks perfect on the Passport! Say goodbye to the tiny image area \o/ Download now at bbw.pm/BProfile New: Scaled UI for BlackBerry Passport; Added (Pro) Icon: LEAP; Added (Pro) Icon: BBM […]




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