Luca Filigheddu

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Manager, Global Developer Ecosystem

I am really happy to see our developer communities followed and supported us during this important transition for our company. – Luca Filigheddu


41 years old, Electronic Engineer, spent the past 15 years in various companies/startups in the field of telecommunications and social media.

At the beginning I worked as a developer, then as CTO/CEO/Founder, both in Italy and San Francisco.

I joined BlackBerry in July 2012 as Developer Evangelist and became Head of Dev Evangelism EMEA in August 2013. After that, in March 2014, there were some important changes and the role of Dev Evangelist doesn’t exist anymore.

I am now managing the Developer Communities globally.

From the technical standpoint, I am a C++ developer and BlackBerry Certified Native builder, despite I don’t have much time to code these days 🙂

Why BlackBerry and how did you become a BlackBerry Developer Evangelist?

My latest startup was not very successful and was looking for a change. A friend working for BlackBerry informed me about this position and I was hired in July 2012.

What does represent to you to manage the BlackBerry developer communities globally?

It means to stay in touch with the top developers who are bringing great content for our customers and engage them so that they can support us during the transition to our enterprise-focus in the best way as possible. We recently launched the Enterprise Developer Groups program, for example.

It is very important for us to make sure our developer community can still be successful now that the company is focusing on the business/enterprise market with lots of new innovative products and services, not devices only.

What do you think about this new era in BlackBery development with Amazon AppStore available on BlackBerry 10?

Our agreement with Amazon is part of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with greater choices and the best user experience.

Developer have more options now that the Amazon Appstore is preloaded on BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry OS 10.3.x starting with the BlackBerry Passport. The Amazon Appstore is available in 238 countries and preloaded on Fire tablets, phones and TV.

The Appstore is also integrated into the overall Amazon shopping app experience enjoyed by millions of Android customers.


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