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Face10 by Nemory Studios is the Facebook you always dreamt on your BlackBerry 10 Device!

Face10 Banner

Face10 for Facebook is the complete replacement to the Official Facebook Application we have. This app is 10x Superior in Features, Speed, Performance and UI Design.

Like the title suggests, Face10 is the Facebook App you always dreamt on your BlackBerry 10 device and will allow you to explore the full features of the social network, including Reply to Comments and Stickers.

Download at BlackBerry World


  • Send Stickers
  • View Replies of a Comment
  • Reply to a Comment
  • Download Videos and Photos
  • Stable Headless Service
  • Hub Integration
  • Hub Notifications
  • Multiple Accounts Support
  • Customize Color Schemes
  • Dark Theme
  • App Security Lock Password
  • Create Home Screen Shortcuts for easy and fast access
  • Share a Video/Photo from Gallery


  • Update Status, Post/Upload Photos and Videos
  • Checkin, Share a Link/Post, Respond to Events
  • Filter NewsFeeds and Comments, View Page Insights
  • View Groups, Pages, Events, Family, Mutual Friends
  • View Friend Requests, Messages, Newsfeed, Mutual Friends
  • View Followers, Following, Liked Pages
  • View Games, FriendLists, Birthdays, Likers
  • View Books, Visitors Posts, Friends
  • View Users, Albums, Photos, Videos
  • View Group Files and Docs, Members
  • Find Friends, Search for Users,Pages,Events,Groups,Places
  • Send and Accept Friend Requests, Invite Friends to an Event
  • View Activity Log, Create an Album


  • All BlackBerry 10 Devices and OS 10.3.0+ are supported and optimized for #Face10


  • Unsupported characters in password: # & and +
Free Trial: 2 days
Stickers Pro Price: $0.99
  • Send Stickers in Comments
Face10 Pro Price: $2.99
  • No ADS (Advertisements)
  • Save Photos & Videos
  • Hub Integration
  • Headless Notifications
  • Unlimited Multi Accounts
  • Emojis Keyboard
  • Emoticons Keyboard
  • Apply Dark Theme
  • Apply Color Schemes
  • Write Posts from the Hub
  • App Security Password Lock
  • Home Screen Shortcuts



Air Messages arrives on the BlackBerry Priv

The Priv, first Android Secured device by BlackBerry, started to arrive to users yesterday and the great developer Marco Gallo today released its newest amazing app Air Messages for the Priv.

Now Air Messages supports BlackBerry 10 and Android Priv users.

Congratulations Marco for such fast porting of the app, providing the service a bigger audience.

Meet new people and discover things in a different way. Air Messages is a real Social Geolocation Communication service, covering the world with messages from BlackBerry 10 and Android Priv.

If you have a Priv, download Air Messages HERE!

BlackBerry 10 users download at


TeamBBlogs proudly announce Decor – Wallpapers HD


Get access to high quality custom wallpapers for your BlackBerry® 10 device with Decor – Wallpapers HD, powered by TMC Devs & Quen-Quen Potter.

The application provides Custom Wallpapers Packs updated regularly, online, without the need to update app.

» High quality wallpapers
» Wallpapers specially customized for all screen resolutions
» No need to update the app for future wallpaper packs
» Beautiful user interface
» ALL premium wallpaper packs unlockable via one time in-app purchase (including all future premium packs)
» Small app size because wallpapers are not stored in the app
» Available for all BlackBerry® 10 devices (OS 10.2+)

NOTE: Due to a limitation of the wallpaper-api, Decor is not able to change your lockscreen wallpaper!

– BBM™-Connected: for showing this app proudly to your BBM™ friends
– Device-Info: for anonymous app analytics secured via SSL

For more information, news about new packs and more, join TMC Devs BBM™-Channel: C00494671

Decor – Wallpapers HD is available at BlackBerry World

Hier findest du qualitativ hochwertige Hintergrundbilder für dein BlackBerry® 10 Gerät!

» Qualitative Hintergrundbilder
» Hintergrundbilder sind speziell für alle Geräteauflösungen angepasst
» Du brauchst die App nicht upzudaten für neue Hintergrundbilder-Pakete
» Schöne Benutzeroberfläche
» ALLE Premium-Pakete können per einmaliger In-App Zahlung freigeschaltet werden (gilt auch für zukünftige Premium Packs)
» Kleine App, da die Bilder nicht in der App gespeichert sind
» Verfügbar für alle BlackBerry® 10 Geräte (OS 10.2+)

INFO: Aufgrund einer limitierten API, kann die App nicht das Lockscreen-Hintergrundbild ändern!
– BBM™-Connected: Zeige deinen Freunden, dass du diese App besitzt!
– Device-Info: Für anonyme App-Analyse, gesichert per SSL


Vendor Stats provides developers keep track of app metrics!

Vendor Stats is an awesome app for all BlackBerry ❿ developers by providing a great overview and analysis about the metrics of the apps developed in the BBW.

It’s an app created by a developer to the developers community and helps by providing an analysis of the apps performance in BBW straight on your device as the Vendor Portal does not provide a mobile view on the web.

The app downloads your metrics directly from the Vendor Portal and all data will be stored in a database.

App is available at, $4.99

Developer: Sven Ziegler


QuickPost turns 2 today, time to celebrate!


QuickPost, the #1 Social Sharing App for BlackBerry 10 is turning 2 years today with over 35.000 downloads all around the world.



QuickPost allows you to post messages and images across multiple accounts quickly and easily. QuickPost recognizes the accounts already on your device, so no additional setup is required. Share to QuickPost from almost anywhere!


Supported Networks:

  • BlackBerry Remember
  • BBM , BBM Channels, BBM Groups
  • Twitter
  • Inst10
  • Blaq
  • Facebook
  • iGrann & iGrann Pro
  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn
  • Dropbox
  • Weibo
  • Trapeez (Tumblr)

Download QuickPost at


Happy 10th Anniversary BBM

10 years ago, on August 1 2005, BBM was born  😀 A lot has happened to our beloved BBM and we have a cool Interactive Infographic with the most important events, made by Quen-Quen Potter, along with some cool wallpapers for the Passport, Classic and Q10, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary.

(Integrated with the Hub Menu Mobile)



Celebrate Emberify first year with a Birthday Sale!


Emberify​ turns one year old on 25th July, to celebrate this all apps are on a $1 sale on BlackBerry World.

Emberify’s apps provide users better productivity with their context aware features.

Apps on Sale:

  1. Reminder Now​ (66% off)
  2. Tilt Now​ (50% off)
  3. Instant​ (50% off)
  4. Inbox Zero​ (50% off)
  5. Follow Mail​ (50% off)

“We would really like to thank the BlackBerry community for all the support in our first year, I’m glad BlackBerry prosumers and enterprise users found our context aware apps useful in their workflow,” says Shashwat Pradhan, BlackBerry Elite Developer and the Founder of Emberify.


Air Messages by Marco Gallo available on BlackBerry Beta Zone


Air Messages by Marco Gallo available on BlackBerry Beta Zone

Air Messages is a real Social Geolocation Communication service, covering the world with messages from our BlackBerry. Available at Beta Zone, the app counted over 4000 messages sent from over 2000 users in the first day of the beta release.

v.0.1.3 Update

  • New Messages are now marked with a red spark
  • “Pick Message” radius increased to 200km
  • Faster
  • Fun!

Download now at BlackBerry Beta Zone


Manager, Global Developer Ecosystem Luca Filigheddu is leaving BlackBerry!!!

Luca Filigheddu, Manager, Global Developer Ecosystem is leaving BlackBerry! Luca joined BlackBerry in July 2012 as Developer Evangelist and became Head of Dev Evangelism EMEA in August 2013. After that, in March 2014, there were some important changes and the role of Dev Evangelist was extinct and Luca started managing the Developer Communities globally, where he worked with developers on the development efforts to focus on the objectives of the company worldwide.


Filos, as he is known in community, is leaving to changes of his position inside the company. As previously reported to us, his position is required to operate from the company’s HQ in Canada and since he can’t move to Canada, he can’t continue in that position. Some alternatives was offered but nothing that suits him, hence he decided to move on.

This is some sad news to the BlackBerry Community. We wish all the luck to our friend Filos in the upcoming challenges. Thanks for the dedication to our beloved Brand Filos, you will be missed.

Learn more about Luca Filigheddu at




BBlogs is a BlackBerry Social HUB established for the BlackBerry community worldwide.

BBlogs is designed to promote and embrace the BlackBerry brand, its products and developers by providing them with a warm home and place to collaborate, cooperate and share.

BBlogs does not intend to merge blogs into one in any way, but rather work together in order to promote BlackBerry and it’s products. We take pride at our community. Our team is comprised of passionate enthusiasts who have earned their knowledge through years of dedicated, hands-on, experience. We share stories. We embrace multiple points of view. This approach has us foster a wide community, and a extremely high level of authenticity.

The Developers Lounge is our prime product as it stands as a “Hall of Fame” of BlackBerry developers. This is the biggest section outside of the BlackBerry Developer Site that’s dedicated to our developer community.

It’s a Social Hub built for the BlackBerry community to engage with our developers as well as cherish their huge efforts to sustain and increase our apps base, both in consumer and productivity areas.

More is on its way! A TeamBBlogs dedicated enterprise environment is coming for the Enterprise #TeamBlackBerry developers.

Become a member of our community! Join Us!

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