Coterie – Slack Client for BlackBerry 10 by Ahamtech


Coterie is a pure native app primarily designed with an efficient UI and lets you use Slack services on your BlackBerry 10 device with peace of mind.

Slack is free for an unlimited number of users, and an unlimited amount of time, with up-gradable plans for extended message history, unlimited integration, file storage and customization data retention policies.

By now many users must have fed up using poorly functioning Slack android app in their BlackBerry phones due to porting. Coteire is an efficient solution for all your problems with Slack android ported app. Coterie brings along an efficient package for you which is built ground up in native BlackBerry code. In addition Coterie offers a new feel and touch to Slack by its seamless integration in to the blackberry UI.


  • Support for Multiple Accounts
  • Dedicated Account linked to Hub
  • Switch to Dark Theme – Change overall Color Schemes
  • Custom Notification per Channel/Group/IM
  • Instantly synced across all devices
  • Real time messaging, file sharing, supporting one-to-one and group conversations
  • Powerful search and archiving, meaning no one is ever left out of the loop
  • Instantly synced across all devices
  • Configurable notifications for desktop, mobile push and email
  • Scientifically proven (or at least rumoured) to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.
  • Languages Support: Spanish – Italian – Russian – Portuguese – Vietnamese – Hebrew
  • Supported Devices: Devices on 10.3.1 and above

Coterie is now available on BlackBerry World for $5. Download now at

Developer: Ahamtech –

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