Produktyf CRM gets updated to v1.4 on BlackBerry World


Produktyf CRM is a native BlackBerry 10 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application which helps business users to increase productivity by capturing and organizing information about people (such as contacts, clients, prospects, suppliers, etc.), companies, projects and just about anything

Produktyf CRM has long been marked beta and was already available in BlackBerry World. Today’s update to v1.4 (v1.4.0.100) actually marks a beta exit into an official product.

What’s new in v1.4:

  • File Attachments – one of the most requested features allows you to attach any file to any CRM item, such as Note, Contact, Company, etc. Files can be linked to (left on the file system and just referenced in the app) or physically stored in your application database.
  • Device Contact Integration – based on your overwhelming feedback we have completely redesigned the way we integrate with device contacts. You are now able to see all device contacts and you can link CRM items directly to device contacts without need to manually create and synchronize. Please see Help screen for more information on this feature.
  • Integration with Produktyf Project – you can link a Project in Produktyf CRM to a Project in Produktyf Project app and seamlessly see details of linked Project in Produktyf Project without leaving the CRM app.
  • Search for items when linking – you can now search for items when linking. This feature allows you to find and link relevant information with ease.
  • New Active Frame – displays upcoming Actions (tasks) and other useful information.
  • Ability to set Meeting duration – when creating new meeting item you can now set the duration of the meeting which will be reflected in the event created in BlackBerry Calendar.
  • Autosave – this can be turned on in app settings and will periodically save all text changes when editing Notes and other CRM items in the application.
  • All-Inclusive Feature Pack – this application allows you to customize set of features based on your specific needs by purchasing individual features. In addition to this we are now introducing a new All-Inclusive Feature pack which is a single purchase item giving you access to all individual features (current and future) at a discounted price.

As mentioned above, Produktyf CRM is now out of Beta – the Beta tag has been dropped as the application has matured to be a fully featured information and relationship management application.

Produktyf CRM is free to use, in pretty much full functionality but with limited number of products as well as limited number of items per product. Limitations can be removed through several premium enhancement features available for you to choose, through an In-App purchase:

  • Contacts Integration – The ability to integrate project contacts through the device contact database
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited files
  • All-Inclusive Pack – The works 🙂

Here is the list of updated prices for available enhancements:

Feature Price
Contacts Integration $2.99
Unlimited Projects $1.99
Unlimited Items $1.99
Unlimited Files $2.99
All-Inclusive Pack (includes all of the above) $6.99

The folks at Produktyf offer a discount valid though May 31st, so you may want to grasp the moment and enjoy the reduced prices:

Feature Discount price

(valid thru. May 31)

Contacts Integration $0.99
Unlimited Projects $0.99
Unlimited Items $0.99
Unlimited Files $0.99
All-Inclusive Pack (includes all of the above) $2.99

You may want to check Productyf web site for more details about Produktyf CRM as well as other awesome productive apps that integrate with one another

Download Produktyf CRM from BlackBerry World

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