OS10.3.2: Closed Beta Update OS10.3.2.680

New Update in BlackBerry Beta Zone: OS10.3.2.680 Softwareversion

Notable Fixed Issues:

[Amazon] Amazon Shop barcode scan camera is rotated 90 degrees left when device is flat on an even surface
[Balance] In some instances, the work space remains locked after unlocking it
[Bluetooth] In some cases, Bluetooth fails to connect
[Browser] Browser still showing in device monitor after it was closed; memory not reclaimed
[Calendar] In some instances, recurring events are duplicated & multiplied every-time sync occurs
[Cellular] After being out of coverage, the device may not immediately reconnect to the mobile network
[CPU] High CPU utilization from dialogservice, cellular, and other processes, resulting in poor battery life
[HUB] Deleting messages in conversation view using speed triage may not actually delete the message, or the message may reappear then disappear again
[HUB] In some instances, messages do not load and the HUB remains blank
[Keyboard] ALT key does not lock when pressed on a physical keyboard. Workaround: hold ALT while selecting the desired alt character
[Location Services] Unable to disable Traffic Data Collection
[Memory] Phone application may cause memory leaks
[Performance] In some instances, the device may stall after closing or opening an application
[Phone] Text within the Active Call Dial Pad is truncated
[PIM] Accounts are invalid after an update to 10.3.2 OS
[SMS] In some cases, you may not be able to send SMS messages
[SSL] Default changed to disallow untrusted connections, which resulted in the following error if the required IT Policy was not set: “The SSL certificate provided by for ActiveSync is either invalid or was declined”
[VKB] The virtual keyboard may not show after swiping up to unlock your device

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