Why is BlackBerry still viewed as a Doomed Brand

BlackBerry has gone through a successful turnaround, Still it is viewed as a doomed company in the market, WHY?



BlackBerry was once a market dominating player who’s devices sold like hot pancakes at launch, combined with a huge fan club. Every BlackBerry user was in love with his BlackBerry, firstly because of the keyboard, secondly the reputation that the BlackBerry brand has carried since inception. That repo has made the brand synonymous to celebrities and executives, which made everyone crave for that logo on the back.

BlackBerry had hit its rock bottom in the end of 2013. The industry was highly pessimistic of BlackBerry’s future, Shares had dipped like anything and acquisition was in the talks. Then came the grand savior, John Chen. Replacing Mike Lazaridis as CEO, He carved out a turnaround plan that ended in 2014. BlackBerry had been rescued from it’s worst times, but was now a lost legend.

The turnaround plan that Chen applied has been working well, BlackBerry is no longer dependent on it’s hardware division for business, It’s stocks are picking up again and it finally posted a tiny profit in the end of 2014. Still, One thing hasnt changed since 2013. And that is the perception about BlackBerry in the market.


Even though the new devices like Passport and Classic have done well, I haven’t seen a single device out in the wild (I live in Mumbai, India). Now, If your thinking that India is not BlackBerry’s market, your wrong. This country was once mad after BB’s and Fans still exists. When iPhone or a new Samsung come out, The right next day, I see them out in the wild people enjoying them. When people see me with a BB, They are like ‘Hey dude! Isn’t that brand DEAD or DOWN or SHUT or OLD?’. The people who daily follow Tech Sites very well know that BlackBerry is here to stay, But who’s gonna tell the people who don’t?

The only way a brand can aware consumers about their products is through Marketing, and sadly, BlackBerry hardly does any. Everyone knows Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, iPhone 6, HTC One M8 and even brands like Gionee and Oppo.

From Engadget

From Engadget

Most of the people I meet haven’t even heard of the Passport or Classic. I understand that BlackBerry is now targeting a niche market, but still, Shouldn’t there be at least some market relevance? A few years back, Every shop had a special BlackBerry Kiosk, Now they are all gone. Only leading electronic chains sell Passport, and sadly, most of them have a dummy device on show, while all other mobiles are real. Now, This can be due to Market Share right? Well I don’t think so.

Heard of the brand Xiaomi? It’s devices sell like candies, but still, it’s market relevance is 0. I meet hundreds of people and hardly anyone has heard of it, Why? Because it never markets itself to keep operating costs low.

BlackBerry Enterprise

BlackBerry is also a service or software provider (BES and QNX), But I can guarantee that most of the people haven’t even heard of them. BlackBerry, Either advertise your devices, or show the people who you really and what you do. People are still under the mindset that the company has CLOSED which is completely absurd. People even think that buying a BlackBerry is to take a huge risk, because you never know when the brand shuts down (That may sound stupid, But is the reality). A little marketing will convey the message loud and clear, WE ARE HERE! And WE ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE!

Keeping quite is actually further damaging your image.

Do drop in your views in the comments section!

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