BES: End of Sales (EOS) of Perpetual licenses

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Next BES Major Release on 01.March 2016 with new licenses?!


This was sent by BlackBerry:

In conjunction with the End of Sales (EOS) of Perpetual licenses on Feb 28, 2015, Upgrade rights for Perpetual licenses are being removed for new Technical Support customers. Key dates:

  • Upgrade rights removed for new support subscriptions starting March 1, 2015
  • Upgrade rights removed from all support subscriptions on March 1, 2016

Customers that own Perpetual CALs and want to utilize them on BES12 fall into 1 of 3 categories:

1.Have an active Support Contract:

a. Impact: Customer continues to have Upgrade and Update rights for the number of perpetual licenses paid for on Support. Upgrade rights remain until March 1, 2016.
b. Action: Renew support at date of expiry to ensure they maintain Upgrade rights until March 1, 2016 and maintain Update rights beyond March 1, 2016.

2.Had a Support Contract but let it expire (incl. EZ Pass)

a. Impact: Customers will not be able to upgrade or update perpetual licenses for use on BES12 unless they have support coverage on March 1, 2015
b. Action: Renew Technical Support covering the number of perpetual licenses they want to Upgrade/Update

– Must back-pay to previous date of expiry

3.Have never had a Support contract with BlackBerry

a. Impact: Customers will not be able to upgrade or update perpetual licenses for use on BES12 unless they have support coverage on March 1, 2015
b. Action: Purchase Technical Support covering the number of perpetual licenses they want to Upgrade/Update before March 1, 2015. Alternatively, may purchase Universal Annual subscriptions to replace perpetual

EZ pass: please use if you want to cancel the EZpass support contract (also written in the mail all customers received last week)

Please communicate our policy as firm: Customers must cover all software and licenses on support. The customer cannot cover some licenses on Support and go unsupported on other licenses (see program description for your reference, page 3).

This said, our expectation is that a customer needs to put all active users under support and that there is no chance to split between old BES5 and new BES10/12 users. An EZPass customer needs to include the complete fleet for renewal.

Again, the customer can’t cover some active licenses and choose not to cover other licenses.

There is no standalone SKU for Software Assurance !

 As a refresher, here are a few of the key principles in the lead up to BES12 launch:

  1. We are not selling perpetual licenses for BES12
  2. We will no longer sell perpetual licenses for BES5 or BES10 after February 28, 2015 (End of Sale date)
  3. Customers that own perpetual licenses from previous BES versions (BES5, BES10), or who acquire perpetual licenses between now and February 28, 2015, must cover the perpetual licenses on a BlackBerry Support contract to qualify for the right to Upgrade these perpetual licenses to BES12 perpetual licenses.
  4. Customers that have already upgraded perpetual licenses to BES 12.0 through Support coverage (including EZ Pass Support), must maintain Support coverage in order to qualify for ongoing Update rights (BES12.1; 12.2; etc) for the perpetual licenses on BES12
  5. The number of perpetual licenses a customer can Upgrade/Update is based directly on the number of perpetual licenses that a customer has paid to cover on BlackBerry Support. (ie. Customer can’t pay for coverage of 100 Gold perpetual licenses, and try to Upgrade 500 Gold perpetual licenses). Customers can pay to add additional perpetual licenses to an existing support contract.
  6. Customers must be subscribed to BlackBerry Support by Feb 28, 2015 covering perpetual licenses to qualify for Upgrade Rights through Software Assurance. A customer cannot wait to subscribe to Support until March or beyond in order to gain access to use perpetual licenses on BES12.
    The only exception to this, is customers who have had a Support contract in the past from BlackBerry and let it expire/lapse. These customers can re-subscribe to re-instate their Upgrade and Update rights, but are subject to back-payment to the original date of expiry of their previous Support contract.
  7. Upgrade rights will be discontinued for all Support customers on Feb 28, 2016. This means that even customers who are paying for Support to cover perpetual licenses will not be able to Upgrade those licenses to the next major version of BES (eg. BES14.0)


Below are a list of options that a customer who owns or who plans to purchase perpetual licenses can take to address this:

  1. Subscribe to BlackBerry Support before March 1, 2015 covering the total number of perpetual licenses they plan to Upgrade
  2. Purchase Support coverage at the same time as any new perpetual licenses they purchase between now and Feb 28, 2015
  3. Purchase new Universal Annual Subscriptions for BES12 to replace their existing perpetual licenses. These Universal Annual subscriptions include:
  • Technical Support
  • Upgrade and Update rights for the duration of the subscription period (including to the next major version of BES when it becomes available)
  • Backwards compatibility to work on BES 10.1 and higher

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